Sunday, October 21, 2007

dress compatability

I've learned that being married requires me to have a conversation about 'dress compatability' before we leave the house to head out on the town (i.e. saturday night church, going out to eat) You see one of us cannot be more dressy than the other. Having dress compatability issues could lead to the wife having self conscious thoughts like "I bet people are thinking, 'how lame is she, she thought they were on a hot date, and he just thought they were out for a casual evening'." The couple has to be evenly matched in dress...which usually means I have to go change my clothes into something nicer.

In a related note I think we're going to start shopping here.


the paranoid wife said...

This is most definitely not where we are going to shop for clothes! Very funny.

Jesse Schlender said...

Dress compatability is a fancy moniker for: "Matt, the clothes you are wearing aren't dressed up enough. Look more like James Bond, why don't you?"

And who doesn't want to look as stylish as James Bond? One step at a time, my step at a time. Of course, you could influence her decision to dress up, but you HAVE to talk with her BEFORE she gets dressed up for the evening. Cut her off at the pass, so to speak. If she protests, just let her know you're being responsible and preparing for the evening accordingly!