Tuesday, January 17, 2006

VALOR movement

Here is part of an email I got recently from one of our students...John and Chris are starting a movement amongst ROTC student here at MSU. Students can do this! Pray for them.

"Please pray with us as we have initiated a big push for the VALOR program here in the AFROTC at MSU. Tonight at Lead Lab we announced to the cadet body our first VALOR Bible study next Tuesday night (with pizza!) We will be beginning the God and the Military study the following week. We are placing a survey in each cadets mailbox tomorrow. Next Thursday when I have a final count of those who have responded to the survey, I will send you a request for the number of CMSK's we would like. I have also assumed the position of cadet chaplain for this semester. All of this has materialized very quickly - in the past two days.

Praise God that when I approached the Cadre and Cadet Wing Commander about all this they were very open and supportive! We've been praying about this, but need to continue to do so, even more strongly, as nothing will work or have any affect if apart from God's blessing. Also, Cadet Raisl is getting ready to approach the PAS on the Army side. All the necessary approvals may be more difficult in the AROTC here."

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