Thursday, December 29, 2005

Dec 23rd
For those of you who’ve experienced flying Southwest. Everyone is assigned a boarding letter, either A, B or C. Everyone jockies for position at the gate area in the assigned lines.

Us: Standing in ‘B’ line, relatively close to the front as ‘A’ line is heading down the gate ramp.

Blonde mid 30’s lady: As she passes us while walking in line A to the friends she made in line, “I feel bad passing all these people, why do we get to go first?”

Guy friend in line with her: “because we’re in loading group ‘A’”

Lady after looking at her boarding pass and realizing she is in group ‘C’: “ohhh shooot”

Same lady after looking over at the long lines ‘B’ and ‘C’: “ohhh sh@#!”

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Matt Mikalatos said...

Do you remember the old days when they used to give each person a numbered boarding pass? Then you had to line up in order. Ha ha. And in California they were actually SHAPED like the State of California.