Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Leaders Tip: Living for the Mission

Take a moment to reflect on these to see if the Holy Spirit does some work on your heart and mind. These thoughts are straight from Steve Van Diest

Characteristics on Missional Living

  • You are willing to leave something behind (see Abram in Genesis)
  • You are compelled by a vision of God’s promised future (Genesis 12)
  • You realize that the journey is bigger than their lifetime (Heb 11)

The thing that struck me the most is what are Detours of Living for the Mission.

1. The “Demas Danger:” See 2 Tim 4:10 – Loving the things of the world.

2. The “Good Old Days” Syndrome: Mindset that it was better back then or this way.

3. The “Dead End of Disappointment:” We lose hope b/c of trials.

What is keeping you from living for the mission of Christ? Where you do fall most? Do a quick evaluation to see if your heart is matching the missional living that God has called us to or if you’re getting off track.

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